Monday, 1 October 2012

the party

{My motivation has taken holidays, just like kindy. I loathe letting things drag on and I get angry at myself for letting it happen. These photos should have been here a week ago but life got in the way. I hate when that happens.}

I took a chance with the weather when we decided to have Ruby's party at a park. I wasn't comfortable having that many people in my home that weren't family. Come Wednesday before the party, I had to make a decision whether we needed a contingency plan. Weatherman was consulted, prayers were said - cloudy with possible showers (1-5mm) - I thought that was manageable. We left sunny, blue skies behind us as we drove away from home Sunday morning, and then drove into steady rain, ten minutes out from the park. Cue cold sweats, internal swearing at weatherman, more prayers..

We arrived at the park where the clouds parted and the sun shone warm, and bright. Dear God, THANKYOU!

My wonderful sister and her equally wonderful MIL met us early to help set up, pulling a giant number 5 in their wake. The bubbles were a hit. So were the oreo pops. Every adult commented on them and most mums asked how to make them. Pinterest is the bomb.

It really was a beautiful morning. Somehow I catered perfectly, usually I over do it and we are eating leftovers for the following few days. The kids played happily on the awesome, enclosed playground. They blew bubbles, and chased the giant ones coming out of the bubble machine. It was all too much for Cole who conked out while everyone was singing to the birthday girl. Dolly travelled perfectly to the park, next to me, wedged firmly into the front passenger seat. She was fabulous and so very, very delicious. I didn't get all the photos I wanted to, playing hostess and photographer just doesn't work.

We all left exhausted and happy. Birthday girl in particular. Mama grateful she spaced the smalls' birthdays out over the year so she can recover from parties..

I doubt he will read this, but I have to thank my darling hubby for all his help. He usually stays well away when I am in planning/baking/party mode so as not to get in the way. This time, he asked what I needed, and he did it. He stayed up with me till well after 1am the night before the party so he could pack the cars as much as possible so there would be little to do the following morning. He read lists, he crossed off tasks, he came back for more. And he didn't complain once. Thankyou my love! This one wouldn't have been done without you xx

*images 9, 10, 11, 12 and 17 courtesy of my sister

the party prep


  1. These images are BEAUTIFUL.

    So you're telling me you made that incredible cake, decorations, everything AND managed to take these stunning photos!



  2. What an absolutely stunning party. The images are truly gorgeous and the details full of love.

  3. Oh you are a clever cookie! What an amazing party! And your photos are WOW!! Well done mama. xx

  4. Perfect Tahnee! Every bit of it! Such beautiful photos of a wonderfully special day for your big girl. It is amazing how stressful the prep for these party's can be, the weather always plays such a big part. And I can totally relate to needing the break between gigs, thankfully our two are conveniently spaced, in January and July... ahhhh, breathe ;) xo

  5. You are the master of parties! You did such an amazing job!

  6. The photos are perfect! You have captured many special memories! And that cake?! Boy oh boy, spectacular!!

  7. Looks like fun. Happy Birthday Ruby! Gorgeous photos.

  8. I don't often comment Tahnee but I visit often and wanted to say that you have done the most amazing job for you little girl, everything looks fantastic and the photos beautiful and happy as always. x

  9. You did so good Tahnee, so good!! A birthday party I'm sure Ruby will never forget. I'm so impressed with how many photos you managed to take as well as being hostess. Definitely a hard juggle. These are beautiful images, of such a beautiful day. Well done xxx

  10. How did I miss this fabulous party, Tahnee? It's so fantastic! x


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