Thursday, 11 October 2012

a series :: kids' room tours :: eliot

I may have mentioned a while ago that I was going to do a little room tour series for the smalls. I'm quick like that. Ahem.

Seeing as the Small had a room change back in July and is due for another this weekend to make way for his new bed, we'll start with him. I must preface this tour {tour? that sounds so ridiculous in my head but I'm going with it} by confessing how rubbish these photos are. I had to seriously edit to make them remotely useable. But it's all I've got. And crying is for babies. I also had to put my standard kit lens back on for a few shots, for the first time in months because of space, which are also rubbish. How much I have learnt behind that lens in three months!

So here's Master Eliot's wee baby room. Which is no longer..

When I was pregnant with Eliot, I thought he was a girl. I thought they were all girls. I was excited that our little girl would have a blue room. Clearly, I did not have a girl. When we bought our house it was still being built and were lucky to purchase at fit out stage, so had some say in colour and style (within the budget) so we would not end up with a beige builder's house. Mmmm beige. My favourite. We didn't expect to be in this house for #3. But here we are. Eliot's room used to be the study which is why it's the only coloured room of the kids, it was never intended to be used as a bedroom. This colour choice was totally Carrie Bradshaw SATC The Movie inspired. Our front lounge room is the same colour too, and I still love it. We kept the other two kids' rooms white for resale value. Blah blah blah. Resale value aside, those other rooms would be coloured too.

Eliot's room is a little smaller than the other two, but a very good size for a baby/toddler room. Choice of furniture and styling was pretty much based on what could be used with what we already had. All the essential baby stuff has served all three kids well.

:: The armchair and ottoman have seen many a late night/early morning feed, from Ruby right through to Eliot. $50 from the Salvos, thankyou very much. It was so bloody comfortable, I couldn't leave it there.
:: The bookcase was purchased from a beautiful shop in Noosa (Sunshine Coast, Queensland) while on our honeymoon, a special piece for us.
:: The little name train in the windowsill was a christening gift from my lovely cousin and family.
:: The original artwork above his cot is clearly a one off. The talented artist created this piece shortly before Eliot arrived.
:: Vintage Ee print purchased in person from Vintage Prints at a local market, as is the train print on top of the bookcase.
:: Eliot Paul print, including his birth details, ever so kindly gifted from a sweet friend.
:: Large Alexander Henry owl print is an old corkboard wrapped in fabric from here.
:: Felt and button hanging cloud, by me.
:: Coloured crocheted granny blankets over cot and ottoman, thrifted. All the other knitted blankets were lovely gifts.
:: The little birds were all gifts from my Mum. Eliot just loves birds, I attached them to a tree branch above the change mat to try and get business done easily. It worked for a short time.. he mostly loved looking at them from his cot.
:: Cot blanket was a cheapo from Best & Less, with the bear and giraffe stitched on. This one was bought for Ruby so has washed and worn so well. Before I had Eliot I did a little scrap patchwork and stitched over the bear and giraffe to brighten it up.
:: Happy Horse Mr Monkey in cot, gifted from a dear friend.
:: Mr Owl in cot, was handmade and also gifted from another dear friend.
:: Canvas above change mat printed by Cheap Canvas Prints, who I have used a good handful of times with satisfaction every time. The large canvas in our lounge room was also done by them.


  1. What a lovely room, all the quirky little features are great! x

  2. I love his baby room and am looking forward to seeing his big boy room. I also love that wall colour. I am considering painting my craft room and would love to know what colour it is please.

  3. I love your chair. Bargain! I'm on the hunt for one similar for our main bedroom now.

  4. I absolutely love what you've done with the kids rooms. So much fun, personality and love.

  5. Love it Tahnee. You have such an individual style and it works perfectly. And I love how you think these photos aren't the best - they're amazing! x

  6. Gorgeous room, love all the personal touches and especially the photo of all 3 kids. Just beautiful xx


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