Friday, 5 October 2012

52 weeks of grateful :: the return

You still sitting up straight? On your chair? You didn't fall off when you read the title? Yep. It's been a while. Mostly because I just forgot. Plainly forgot to do a grateful post for the week. After nine months of grateful posts. So lame, but so true. Blogging has felt like a bit of chore the past month or so, but I don't want to take a break because even though it has felt demanding, I still need and enjoy the rhythm. Makes perfect sense, no?

So we've had kindy holidays the past fortnight. I have tried to get out and do things with the smalls, even though I would have been happy to stay home every day in our PJs, baking, colouring in and watching movies. Okay, so a lot of movie watching has been going on. I've lost count how many times we've watched Kevin outsmart those dumbarses at home and in New York, the past fortnight. McCauley Culkin's best years for sure. We did make it to the zoo on Wednesday with one of Ruby's best friends, and her family. She is one of three also, and her siblings are almost identical ages to the boys. While it was slow going through some parts, wrangling six kids and all, amongst the school holiday crowds, it was lovely to spend a good part of the day with another friendly mum, and to experience the dynamic of similar aged siblings. Nice also to realise we are pretty normal. And the way the kids interact/fight/yell/make up is pretty normal too.

Since our last visit, which wasn't very long ago, they have built a new little area just for kids, called Keeper Kids. Serious thought and consideration has gone into this little building, where the kids get to explore and experiment with nature and wildlife (of the stuffed variety), try on different (imaginary) hats as researcher, veterinarian, zoologist, horticulturist. So fabulous I had to remind the kids about the actual, real live animals outside that we came to see..

And so to the business - this week I am grateful for ::

kindy friends
sunny spring days
first dress of spring
smooth legs
having the sense to arrive when the gates opened to get an awesome park and beat the carpark traffic jam
school holidays

Linking up with Bron and many more grateful souls over at Kidspot Village Voices.

*I also spied the beautiful offspring of this talented lady soon after arriving. When Tania appeared, she was gone in a flash and I thought it poor taste to chase her, shouting my feelings of fabulousness toward her..


  1. Beautiful! I think you have just convinced me to take a family trip to Melbourne, my little boy would LOVE keeper kids.

  2. You're back! With style, too. Your pictures are awesome and really bring your gratefuls to life. I think my favourite is the first, animal image - it looks so cool! I'm so happy to see you, Tahnee! x

  3. Great photos. So many of them. Lovely.
    Leanne @ Deep Fried Fruit

  4. Oh these pictures Tahnee, they make me just want to get out there and grab Spring by it's short and curlies. I have my 7 year old sitting next to me and he was just mesmerised by your photos and he is begging me can we go there. He especially loved the animal doctor photos. Glad you to see you are taking time to enjoy everything there is lovely xx

  5. Your photos are the bomb diggety. Do you have preferred settings/lenses? X

    1. Peta, your comment nearly bowled me over! I do believe there was some chest puffing.. I have a pretty average DSLR, middle of the road Nikon D3000 which is a few years old now (plotting for a new fancy one..), I only use a 50mm/1.8 prime lens. Outdoors I shoot with ISO 100, white balance on 'shade', and indoors with ISO at 100 during the day and into evening/nights (especially for birthday candle shots or the like) moved up to 400/800 with white balance on 'auto'. I edit in Lightroom and I shoot on RAW so I have full control of editing options, though I have really learned to 'un-edit' after spending time with Tim at The Nursery last month.
      Hope that helps! And thanks for your beautiful comment - you really made my day :) x

  6. Beautiful moments captured Tahnee - that butterfly!!! Oh my goodness. Brought a smile to my face. :) Hope you have a lovely week easing back into kinder life...

  7. I have just come across your gorgeous space and your pictures are just beautiful! I'm taking my girl out to Taronga Zoo (fingers crossed) next week for the very first time! I'm so looking forward to it now thanks to your post here :)

    Sophie xo


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