Saturday, 29 September 2012


My girl. My darling girl.
Five came around so fast.
Five is so much older than four.
Five is so much bigger than four.
Five is creative and crafty, inquisitive and hungry for knowledge.
You are so bright. Perhaps more than you should be and far more than you realise.
You are funny and quirky. Your imagination is enormous. And always engaged. Your memory is long, so very long.
You are loving and kind. You are a tiny mother already. You are a wonderful sister.
You are determined and strong willed. You are confident and independent.
You love routine and know the days of the week. You know what activities go on which day.
You love kindy. You are counting down to begin school. I am not.
You are a great little swimmer. You just moved up to the next class. You take instruction very well.
You are a dancer. Long before your first proper class, you were a dancer.
You love to sing. With the music loud and a maraca for your microphone. Dancing must always accompany your voice. Whitney is your favourite.
You love to draw, paint, colour, paste, write. You love to create. You busy yourself with stickers, glue and tiny pieces of paper, then appear with your masterpiece - proud, no matter the grandeur.
You love books. Pamela is your favourite. I have lost count how many stories you have memorised. Aha! Oho! A trail in the snow! Whose is this trail and where does it go?
Your favourite movie is Home Alone. You love Play School and Peppa Pig.
You love spicy food and greek yoghurt. And smoked tuna, straight from the can.
You got spunk, kiddo.
You are loved beyond measure.
Happy birthday, my beautiful girl xx


  1. Gorgeous Tahnee, such lovely photos. Looks like the perfect fifth birthday. x

  2. Just gorgeous! Happy birthday Ruby!
    We've got a 5th birthday just around the corner. She's excited me not so much.
    I spy a couple shots of you too! Good work hubby x

  3. Wow! Happy birthday. You capture moments so beautifully x

  4. What a beautiful post and what a beautiful little girl. Happy 5th Birthday to your gorgeous princess, Tahnee. Love these photos, gorgeous moments captured forever... the black & white one with you and the children is my fave :) xo

  5. Lovely photos, Tahnee! You have some gorgeous shots with the golden sun - love it! five does seem so much older than four, boo-hoo. Hope she has had a superb birthday!

  6. Ruby, you are such a bright girl alright. It looks like you had such a wonderful 5th birthday. Having all of the family come to kinder must have been super special. And then to the farm, such a fun day! Ruby says Happy Birthday. She loved seeing your photos, especially seeing what you kinder looked like.
    Tahnee, I loved seeing the photos with you. you truly do inspire me as a mother. xx

  7. Happy birthday beautiful Ruby. xx


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