Tuesday, 4 September 2012

52 weeks of grateful :: resilience

There is little good to see when a child is ill. They can go down hill so quickly. But the best part I see, the most grateful part I see, is how quickly they can bounce back.

Vomiting? What vomiting? Consumption of vegemite toast clearly evident, post hospital trip. We're on the up.

More gratefuls over at Kidspot Village Voices with Bron


  1. Oh rubbish to hear you've had yet another trip to hospital!!!!?? You have really had a rough time the year with illness.

    Glad R is on the mend, thank goodness for Vegemite!!

  2. They go down so fast but really do bounce back quickly! Glad to hear all is on the mend at your place. Beautiful images of your girl xx

  3. it breaks your heart to see them suffer, doesn't it? I'm glad to hear you're on the way up!


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