Monday, 27 August 2012

weekend love


Forced to take a quiet weekend at home. That last winter weekend really made its presence felt. Hello croup and nasty ear infection for my sweet Middle. Good riddance, winter.

I hope your weekend was warmer, and cough-free x

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*yes my windows need to be washed. desperately.


  1. Not cough free but maybe slightly warmer
    These are heart warming pics though - the lippy one and the connect 4 ones slay me!

  2. sending you healthful vibes for the week ahead. i, too, am sick of the sick. waiting on spring to just warm it all away. x sarah

  3. I here you. 4 sleeps till spring x

  4. What lovely photos. I am actually rather mesmerised by them.

  5. I just love these photos Tahnee! gorgeous! xx


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