Thursday, 9 August 2012


I wish we were doing this.

Instead we are hiding inside from the 'possible showers' that appear far more hurricane-like to me. Thanks Melbourne. I really don't like you at all today. Or yesterday for that matter. You make it really hard to get rid of annoying head colds that are being lovingly shared while we are forced to stay indoors.

I miss the sunshine. And a dry playground.


  1. I absolutely love all your photos you take.
    I know how you feel. Today I just had to get out and give my body some vitamin D. X

  2. Beautiful images! It's been crazy rain and wind here too! I'm wishing for summer right now, or some sunshine at least! Hope all is well again at your place soon xx

  3. oh Me Too!! And 'Possible showers' is the biggest cop out of a weather forecast - Come On!!
    I hope you all feel better soon. Headcolds here too, and kids that are running rings around me. sigh!
    Loving these photo's!

  4. Gorgeous photos!
    Beach playgrounds are my favourite - I love summer and the beach (being 200km away from one makes it so much sweeter)!

  5. Oh I so hear you. It is just plain annoying. I had no choice but to go out with the 2 yesterday and it was a freaking hurricane with torrential rain at an angle out there! Drenched. Wet. Grumpy. We were looking longingly at every playground when we drove past them. So over it.

  6. Ergh, the wet playground sucks! Love the photos, so beautiful, roll on Summer is all I can say... though we have been pretty blessed with sunshine this week here. It's not tipped to last into the weekend though, Boooo! xo

  7. I'm practically licking my screen. (No, I'm not trying to eat your children... but that ice cream/gelato looks so good right now!!)

    I hope the weather clears up for you soon! You deserve some sunshine! :)

  8. I wish we were doing this too! instead we are hiding from the wind and showers. looking forward to spring...

  9. i wish that too!
    melbourne has been horrible this week.
    you know I just realised from your comment just now that you are in melbourne...sheeshhh..where have I been!!
    Aidan's party was at the party barn at cooper's settlement, gorgeous place. Kids loved the animals and thankfully was a good day weather wise.
    enjoy party preparations ♥

  10. Oh how I want/need summer or even spring to hurry up and appear.
    Go away colds/coughs
    Go away wet playground
    Hurry up beach and ice cream and sandy toes!!


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