Monday, 13 August 2012

no weekend love

As aforementioned, my weekend was less than average. After the bursting, Sunday felt better, and slower. I fed the kids cake and babychinos for breakfast (because they asked, and before an autopilot no came out of my mouth, I thought.. why the hell not? It's Sunday). They were happy, I was happy. Olympics, board games, lego, cartoons, coffee, three hour nap for the Small. Freezer meals for dinner. Sausage rolls for the smalls, leftover cauliflower and fennel soup for the grown ups.

Not one fibre of my being felt creative. So my camera sat next to the computer all weekend where I had plugged it in Friday night to load these.

The first three were taken by me. After Ruby had finished with her craft on Friday morning, she asked to use my camera, which she and Cole often do. Most of the time they have fun and the majority of the photos are deleted. Call me crazy, but I couldn't delete these ones. She headed for her room with the camera and came back five or so minutes later, excitedly showing me what she'd snapped. Not bad considering she was shooting on manual. Eat your heart out, Tim!

I may or may not have tweaked them a little in Lightroom..

This week is going to be great. I can feel it. Or I can fake it. Happy Monday folks.


  1. Wow! She did goooood!!
    This week IS going to be great!

  2. Our weekends have been so lax lately and the motivation to do anything is seriously lacking.
    I adore seeing photos that kids have taken, they have a knack for getting a completely different perspective...great shots!

  3. Great photos Ruby! I'm glad you feel like this week is going to be good - I've been a bit down in the dumps today, so this has made me think a bit more positively. xx

  4. WOW ... amazing photos ! :)

  5. Amazing.

    Before you even mentioned that your small had taken these, & before I even reached those words, I thought to myself; it seems like i am looking at life through a child's eyes.

    She tells a beautiful story :)


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