Thursday, 16 August 2012

i'll have a double serve of bradley cooper thanks

I am not a movie watcher. Or rather a big movie watcher. Some people are movie watchers. They can watch multiple movies a week, regulars at the cinema. Just as I would sit and watch Private Practice every week (dear God, Addison, you better not choose bloody Sam), some people sit down of an evening and put on a movie, choosing from their enormous collection. While I am not a big movie watcher, I do love a good flick. But mostly, I think I love an average flick. Well, average in the sense of how they are reviewed and rated at the box office. The romantic comedy is probably my go-to. Anything light and funny. Perhaps a little bit of drama. I used to be okay with subtitles, something a bit independent and edgy. Too hard basket now. I'm watching the movie to switch off. Not take notes to keep up with the plot line. I don't do horror. Ever. The last - and perhaps only - horror movie I watched was Scream (which is probably classified as a weak one). Way back when I was a teenager. I distinctly remember sitting on our lounge with all the lights turned out watching this ridiculous movie, leaving fingernail marks in my friend's leg and shrieking like a banshee in his ear. Hi Noah.

Before we went away recently, I could probably count on one hand the amount of movies I have watched in the last six months, maybe even a year. I think I watched four movies while I was away. Make that FIVE - I actually went to the cinema! I really let my hair down. Crazy times.

The last two nights I have planned an early night. I kid myself. The planned early night is forever laughing in my face. After Winners & Losers finished (which I am still debating - with myself - whether I should even be watching, it is so ridiculously predictable and poorly executed), that was my cue. Then Mr Cooper appears in all his wavey haired, stubbly, skin perfection, sexy goodness and I was stuck to the couch. Stuck to watch a movie I had seen bits and pieces of, but never start to finish. I must have been one of the three people on the planet who had not seen The Hangover. Well no longer, peeps. I laughed at the crassness; Alan peeing on the floor, Alan tripping over said deliciousness - butt naked, Alan's purse, Alan babywearing. At everything Alan did actually. I asked hubby how the hell they got away with saying some of the lines they did - and yet I still laughed. Ed Helms is fabulous. Bradley, ridiculous eye candy. Ridic.

Last night I was having an early night. Again with the laughing in the face. After Farmer (again with the self debating at viewing such awkwardness), that was my cue. Is there an echo in here? Enter Mr Kutcher and the longest list of hollywood actors to ever grace the big screen in one single (loooooong) movie. Valentine's Day. Remember the light-hearted-funny up there? This one was made for me. And whatdya know. There's Bradley again, sitting right next to Julia on a big plane. All those little lives intertwining, all so very Love Actually. All so very average to most (at least, according to all the pummelling reviews). I like not being most.

I should share our trip to the cinema. It was a certain little guy's first time. Tomorrow perhaps.

*I hope in light of my alleged poor taste in movies, we can still be friends.
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  1. You know what? We can be best of friends. We have the same taste. I could have written the exact same thing about films. A nice rom com or a bit of drama will do me nicely. You and I, if we got together, would talk cheesy films, Bradley Cooper and Jackson. Oh and Ryan Gosling after I've just watched him in Crazy Stupid Love. Have you seen it???? You'd love it. Can we talk about Mark Sloane too? (Btw, does he die, or doesn't he? For God's sake, can't believe they're going to leave us like that.)

  2. I was made to sit through Saw once. Oh my god, shit scared, had nightmares for about a week! Not a horror fan! The hangover is too funny, I watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding on the other channel, that's a goodie too. I've only seen bits and pieces of Valentines Day, but I just couldn't get myself to like it. I think because it was Americans trying to knock off something (again), and Love Actually is right up there with my favourite movies. I might have to try and watch it again.
    Give me something mind numbing to switch off (like, cough, big brother, cough) and I'm happy!

  3. Awwww yes, Bradley Cooper, yum yum yum, I loved the hangover and thought it was hysterical, watching it on tv this week for the first time too. I love a check your brain at the door movie. As mothers we are busy both physically and mentally and I love a movie that doesn't take too much brain power. Yes I know how that sounds but sometimes you just need to sit and relax, both the body and the mind!

  4. You are me, & I am you.

    I don't do movies, & since becoming a mother, I do them even less. If I DO do them, I like light hearted non thinkers.

    Which is exactly when I fell in love with Allan ;)

    Btw, I was given gold class tickets for husband & I for my 29th birthday. We're yet to use them, & I'm nearly 30.

    I haven't been to a cinema since my son was born, but desperately want to use these gold class tickets before they expire :)

    Sounds like you had a lovely date with Mr Cooper ;)


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