Thursday, 23 August 2012


In just under a month she'll be five. Five.

How the freak did that happen? No, really. Do tell. I'd love to know.

Apparently I am allergic to buying birthday invitations. The ones where you fill in the details and the rest is done for you. Seriously, it's a disease. On the years the kids have had a party, I have always done these. Photos, silly rhyme, details, email to Kwik Kopy, make them print and cut them all with their fancy cutting machine, for a ridiculously low fee {four invitations for $2? I'm there}. Eleven five year old girls plus parents plus some family. No, you are not coming to my house. I am not a lunatic. We're headed to the park. An awesome park. A free park. And yes, there will be bubbles. Lots of bubbles. Lots of happy bubbles being blown by lots of happy five year olds. And happy grown ups.

She addressed all her envelopes, proudly handed them out at kindy this afternoon. Now what? Pray for no rain.


  1. I know. It's scary stuff our children getting older so quickly. Frightens me. Anyway, your invitations are lovely. And so is the rhyme. x

  2. Look at the lashes that girl has already! xo

  3. Five!! It's scary. Uniforms next year....eeek! I love the invitations. I've always done my own too, but never thought to email to kwik kopy, I normally go to Harvey Normans or something, but that's a brilliant idea!
    I'll be praying for no rain for you all xx


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