Monday, 30 July 2012

oh hai there

Sorry for disappearing like that. I had planned on doing some scheduled posts just before I left but once I uploaded all my photos my tired brain couldn't work out why the clarity was rubbish. That's what happens when you export at 60% and not 100%. By the time I figured it out, it was too late and I waved the white flag. No posts. Not even a seeya-in-a-few-weeks one.

We head home tomorrow and I have to say, I cannot wait. I have had a strange holiday. Strange in the sense of having your feet up and everything done for you, while your mind races one hundred miles an hour and cannot be switched off, no matter how much sea air and sunshine is involved.

I'm ready for home, ready to see my darling hubby, ready to get back to routine, and rhythm. Ready to get back in my own bed. And the kids' behaviour tells me they're ready too. Our breaks away always end this way. Probably much the same as any family with littles.

I'll flood you with photos when I return. Of course. Here's to a little freshness and clearer head space, heading back into a Melbourne winter, with some new challenges, new goals, new dreams. Little and big.

Seeya soon x


  1. Great to hear from you Tahnee. Having your feet up and everything done for you sounds wonderful. But I guess other stuff can make it unsettling. Hope you settle back into life quickly.

  2. There's no place like home! I hope you've managed to just "be" amongst your holidaying.
    If you bumped into any 16 month old boy/girl twins, that's my niece and nephew! :)

  3. hope you had a lovely rest nonetheless! cant wait to see snaps! xx

  4. Welcome back lovely :)

    Thanks for bringing back a little sun to this Winter.

    Chase those dreams. Little AND big ;) x


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