Thursday, 12 July 2012


Hi. My name is Tahnee. And I'm a tragic Offspring fan.

Yes, I bawled like a baby through last night's season finale. Mostly at the end (through laughter and happiness) when all the loose strings were tied up ~ Alfie pulling through, Zara admitting her love for superclutz Jimmy, Cherie making the right decision with Clegg (who really is THE most fabulous character I think!), Billie and Mick sorting out their drama, and of course the reunion we had all be waiting for. Nina and Patrick. +1.

I struggled to see the tele toward the end through salty tears of joy (you know, actual joy for, er.. made up people). And laughter. Phillip Noonan thrashing out his best Elvis moves was bloody hysterical. Garry McDonald is so brilliant in this role. The casting directors and writers are truly gifted, perhaps slightly, and just enough, crazy. To come up with such dialogue to combine quality drama and comedy gold, I applaud them. Asher Keddie and Matt LeNevez have the most ridiculous chemistry I have ever seen. They suck us right in. Rumour has it Channel Ten have signed on for another two seasons. I certainly hope that is truth. Yep. Wednesdays are really going to suck now.

Oh sweet Lord. That man.

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  1. There is nothing tragic about being an Offspring fan! I've never, ever been so emotionally involved with a tv show, EVER! Everything is so right about this show, casting in particular. And Clegg.... Just gold!
    I laugh and cried and shouted my way through that whole series. The tears in that last episode though, well, they were flowing, much like they did at the end of the first season when Mick sang "your sisters a 6". Loved that.
    I think I'll be watching the Kerry packer series just to get my offspring men fix.
    I dream about Matt LeNevez. (and Clive Owen) :)

  2. I have never been so emotionally entangled in a show like I am with Offspring! I was gasping and laughing and crying like a fool watching the finale... Wednesdays will now be a barren wasteland of television for me until season 4 returns! Geez...dramatic much?!

    Oh well. I'm just glad I'm not the only one xx

  3. i squealed when I read they'd signed for another 2 seasons...happy me on LeNevezdays

  4. i am a fan too and was so happy to watch a serial where there was no cliffhanger! So nice to have things tied up nicely while we wait for the new season.

    Garry Macdonald is a legend. I met him a few times a LONG time ago (back when I was in primary school ...) and actually worked on a film that he was in. Love those Elvis moves.

    Asher Keddie is the bomb. Loved all the shows she has been in. Like Milina I loved that "you're sister's a 6" song too x

  5. I know, how not the same will Wednesday nights be now? I too just love this series and couldn't be happier with the season finale :)

  6. I watched my first ever episode last week and was completely drawn in..I think I am going to have to get the series on DVD and watch it from start to finish!

  7. I love offspring. Bring on the next season. And loved that it was a all warm and fuzzy season finale!

  8. The next season can't come quick enough!

  9. I cried my heart out as well. I love them. And they're not real.


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