Monday, 4 June 2012

weekend love

Hubby worked all weekend so it didn't really feel like a weekend. I'm making him take a day off this week. He has a ridiculous amount of time in freakin lieu which he is too busy to take. What a stupid set up that is.

Anyway.. all my good intentions of reuniting with my sewing machine come nightfall over the so-called weekend, were overrun by two weeks of Revenge and this. I turned the tele on to watch something else last night, but it was already on ABC2. Once I started watching, I couldn't turn over. I was just a kid when this was all happening, so I learned of it much later. While I was aware of the epidemic, I was naive to the actual facts and figures. The stories these men shared, especially Daniel Goldstein, had me in tears many a time throughout the course of the film. To have lived through that time with HIV himself, lost not one, but two partners to AIDS, and almost every friend he knew, built two successful non-profit organisations to aid education and support for those affected by HIV, and to have come out the other side the person he is today. I really had no words. Have no words. It was deeply moving.

On a lighter note, the sun shone quite a bit which meant lots of outdoor play. The complete opposite to what is coming this week. 14 and rain. Awesome.

Did you have a proper weekend? Do tell.

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  1. Gorgeous photos, as usual! I'm interested to see what your house rules entail. :)
    I, too, caught the feature last night and was totally captivated and moved on many levels.

  2. I enjoy watching your photography Tahnee. I think that photo of you daughter with her eyes shut is really creative. I hope your hubby does take some time off work and all of you can hang out together, it's no fun when they work so hard. Our weekend was a bit like yours, hubby was in at work all weekend doing a uni assignment:( I'm looking forward to the weekend already. Enjoy your week.

  3. Our boys have the same PJs! I just love your photographs and how they capture the moments of your days. Very inspirational.

  4. Lovely shots! Love the one with E in a tutu! Looks like you have some creative kids on your hands too.

  5. I love how colourful, arty, crafty, messy and full of love your weekend looks
    Will have to go watch that show

  6. Always enjoy perusing your Weekend Love pics Tahnee, they're beautiful shots. Hmmm, I know how you feel having a hubby that is too busy to take time off that is owed, hope you get some good quality family time together soon.
    We had a lot of rain over the weekend, so it meant plenty of indoor time... which surprisingly was actually quite lovely.

  7. This post makes me so happy! You all look like you are having the BEST time and there is nothing more fun than making a beautiful mess over the weekend ;) Just perfect! xx

  8. Some great photos there, bitchum angel looked like fun!
    My weekend was pretty cruisy too being a long weekend here. There the best ones anyway arent they :)

  9. Ugh. Revenge is NOT conducive to sewing, or crafting, it's not! Thankfully, I've finished watching the season, maybe I can get productive again?! Until the next season, that is...

  10. beautiful photos & my fave is the one of your son's eye - stunning! x

  11. OMG! That pic of Ruby lying down... followed by the reflection in Cole's eye! I had to quickly get down here and say O...M...G!!! Okay, now that's off my chest I can go and try to focus on the rest of the pics!


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