Wednesday, 13 June 2012

{snap it} :: every day

This boy of mine has never eaten bread. Toast? Yes. He loves toast. But fresh, soft bread? No no.
Crazy kid.
Today Big and Middle asked for fairy bread. Considering recent events, who was I to decline.
Traditional hundreds and thousands were nowhere to be found. But we did have leftover sunshine sprinkles.
In the time it took me to make said fairy bread, Middle had changed his mind.
He left his plate sitting on the table where the Small climbed up and helped himself.
I couldn't believe my eyes.
What should I do at this moment?
Why take a gazillion photos of the boy eating bread, of course.
Certainly not your {every day} happenings around these parts.

I really love Sarah's snaps this week. Some more lovely {every day} to take a peek at while you're there. Go on.

*the Small is half dressed en route to bathroom for poop motherload induced bath (two days running).


  1. Ah, a gorgeous take on the every day, love how you interpreted it Tahnee. And love your little fairy bread convert, he is beautiful. They're funny with their little individual tastes like that. I can't imagine not eating bread... I need it with at least one meal a day.

  2. What a lovely little collection of photos! And Yay for the bread!

  3. Gorgeous. Never give them white bread either, i can't tell you how many mothers look at my children's seedy wholemeal sandwiches & say "never thought to give them anything but white bread" oh why!! Love Posie


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