Tuesday, 26 June 2012

52 weeks of grateful :: the small things

I have been feeling very bleh of late. That's totally a feeling.

I am trying to get out of that funk. I am trying to say yes more and not be too concerned with the consequences. I'm not in charge of world peace or happiness. I am in charge of Chateau P happiness. Like many at this time of year, our weekends of late have been eaten up by illness and recovery. And I am so over it. Last weekend I wanted to get out, even if it was freezing. Sunday morning, we left hubby with his coffee and quiet house and the kids and I headed to Flemington Market. It had been a little over a year since we had been there last. Babywearing Eliot.. so tiny.

The weather gods were smiling on us. The sun shone all morning, it was glorious. When I told the kids we were going to the market, the first thing they asked was 'can we please get our faces painted?!'. They still remembered having their faces painted last time we were there. It was our first stop. Thankfully we were early enough that there was no line up yet. Ruby marched straight up to the face painter, climbed over her up on the chair, sat bolt upright, huge smile and asked for half face paint please {half because there are two little faces to be painted and we are a one income household, people}. She chose a rainbow and unicorn. Cole was spiderman. Again. Same as last year.

The joy that shone out of those two (Ruby especially) from something so simple as a bit of paint on their faces, is quite amazing. It made me smile, warmed my heart, made me love them even more.

I would be lying if I said I didn't yearn to go to the market some day soon, by myself. To dawdle, look at every stall, drink my coffee slowly, people watch, not be constantly on the lookout for little hands touching precious items. These markets have the most beautiful stalls of handmade goods and fresh produce. But Sunday was really for them, and I knew that before going. I had two things on my list. Uggboots for me (really over buying $6 Kmart slippers), and a new pair of little leather boots for Eliot (I bought two pairs for Cole as a toddler and Eliot has worn them too, at $18 a pair for serious quality, I don't bother looking elsewhere). Eliot is wearing in his new shoes. I am still slipperless.

To go with their face painting, {I felt} they needed chinos, gingerbread bears, old school boiled lollipops, $5 bargain bag of plaster of paris. Happy kids, happy mama, happy hearts. And for that, I am grateful.

{Linking up with beautiful Bron for Kidspot Village Voices. A special grateful reunion is happening this weekend, be sure to check it out.}


  1. why is it that us mamas are always at the end of the list? i totally understand where you are coming from when you way that you long to have a morning to yourself at the market. sounds heavenly!

  2. Could she be any cuter?! Really.

  3. "Half face, please" - genius, Tahnee! I would never think to ask for that, clever mumma!

    These photos are absolutely gorgeous. You really captured her delight.

    Thanks for the shout out for the weekend. I hope people come back, if only for the day! x

  4. Yes yes those special little boots - Just read the above posts, it's lovely how each person get something different from a post.

    You certainly a great photographer, helped by those gorgeous subjects of course!

    hugs xR

  5. She is so beautiful!! Glad you all had a good day out and are hopefully feeling better. xx j


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