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blog love {photography}

There are plenty of professional photography based blogs that I love to check out. But the ones I really love are the family based blogs by the photographers. The ones that show us their real life. Not the ones that show us the subjects they are both talented and privileged to capture, for a crust. {Don't get me wrong, I love them too!} These are the places I go for photographic inspiration.

Most of these you will know about, some you may not. Maybe you've been living under a rock and you will love me forever for introducing you to such talent. I'm guessing it will be more of the former.

Here we go.

Diapers and Skinny Jeans

The beautiful lives and adventures of this sweet, sweet trio ~ Kate, Erick and their beautiful baby girl, Sofia. Sometimes Erick is behind the lens, but mostly Kate. But I can't say that I care all that much. Because I love it all. Scrap that. Adore. I adore it all. There is always so much depth and story in her/their photography. And then there's Kate's words. Everything is very real and from her writing I imagine her to be earthy, strong and confident. One of those women you see in the street who just has an aura about her. If you haven't been to Kate's place, go!

The Bostrom Blog

I have admired Stacy's work from afar, for a long time. I think I have only commented a couple of times. I think I have always been so blown away by her photography that I forget to comment. Her eye for detail, colour and composition is exceptional.  She makes the very ordinary moments in a day, look extraordinary. I could spend hours reading and re-reading posts. Stacy and her beautiful family are expecting a little arrival in the very near future. She has awesome security on her blog so I couldn't lift any photos for you! Go and see why I love her so.

Enjoying the Small Things

You all know Kelle. Her story, her hubby, her sweet girls. Kelle's honesty and rawness draws you in instantly. I love her blog equally for her words and her photography. You know I love the everyday ~ capturing the everyday. She does it perfectly. Beautifully. When I leave Kelle's space, I feel calmer, inspired. To be a better mum, a real mum, to live in the now, to stay positive, to see the beauty in the small things.

Sunny + Scout

I feel like I know Lou. Of course, we have never met. But between her blog and Instagram, I feel like we've met. Her blog lets you in. More than just a sneaky peek into her gorgeous family and home in the countryside. She is sitting pretty, right near the very top of my list of favourites. Her photography is so honest. So very honest. I know, a lot of great photographers have the eye {to see a great moment and capture it}. That's why they're photographers. Duh. But I think Lou is something special. Her eyes are big and beautiful and they see everything. Everything is waiting to be captured. And she sees just what is worth capturing ~ and snap.

Tamara Erbacher

I've spoken about Tamara here before. Tamara, ye of too much talent, has two spaces in the interwebs. Her professional photography blog is a mesh of personal and business. Her personal blog is a creative and crafty outlet. Both, of course, with exceptional photography. But, in this case, it is her professional space that I love the most. Her photography is clear, and uncluttered, rich and moving. Especially her latest shoot. Her heart is big, to love her five boys with (six including hubby), which I think makes her an even better photographer. I think mothers are able see things differently sometimes, to see beauty in things that may not appear beautiful to someone whose heart has not been blessed to grow so big. Tamara is a true talent.

Amelia O'Connor

Amelia (aka Mama Mueslibar) has recently turned profesh. Well of course she has. Just have a look at her work and you'll see why. She is young, and vibrant, but so very mature for the life she has lived. And I think this only aids her in seeing, capturing and portraying such organic truth in her photography. And her two faithful little subjects? You couldn't get a bad shot of those two. Cuteness overload. I told Amelia recently that I feel like she is really hitting her straps and bursting all over my screen, at the moment. She is a breath of fresh air, and I love seeing her grab her new title and running with it.

Che and Fidel

Of course you know Jodi, her lovely hubby and insanely gorgeous little ones. When I see photos or read anything Jodi has written, four words always come to mind. Raw. Organic. Beautiful. Love. I feel like Jodi is so in touch with everything she does. And it just oozes out of her. In the mother she is, the person she is, and of course in her photography. Nothing is overdone, or in excess, flashy or sparkly. Everything is earthy, strong and honest. And I always leave her blog with a refreshing calmness, whether I was searching for it, or not. Jodi's gift of threading words together is the main attraction for me, but her photography is the most perfectly beautiful accompaniment.

One Claire Day

Claire is not a photographer, but she could claim the title and no one would question it. I love Claire's photography for her sweet Lalie's stardom in most photos she shares with us on her beautiful blog, but also because of Claire and Paddy's place they call home, in North Queensland. She manages to capture the warmth of their days, all that beautiful light, their simple life and her gorgeous trio, bursting with love. As with Kelle, I am as equally in love with her writing as I am with her clicking. Claire exudes a calmness that is clear in her mothering, as well as her photography.

I am always in awe of how much a photo can tell you. How the photographer, whether professional or amateur, can capture a moment, and make it speak. Shout. Sing. And my little posse of inspiration? They are quite the choir.

*all images via the photographers/bloggers' respective websites


  1. Great post Tahnee! I love a lot of these gorgeous photographers already, but am off to check out the others now. Thank you! xx

  2. Love this post! A couple I know, but most I don't! Off to check them out! Thanks for the heads up xx

  3. What a fab post Tahnee, thank you! I follow quite a few of these already, but will now check out the ones I didn't know about. Love a great new blog find xo

  4. Great post! Some here I am yet to discover (there goes my Saturday morning!) Lou is one of my very first 'blogging friends', we eventually met and are now very much 'real life friends' - and yes she is just as gorgeous and cute in real life as you would imagine. She took our wedding photos in December, and believe me, as a professional photographer myself this was no easy task to choose someone for that job! ;)

  5. I read these blogs and love them too. Like you, I feel like I 'know' them a little despite never meeting. To me that is the sign of a great photographer. The photos TELL A STORY.

    I think your photos tell great stories too xxx

  6. Great post! Know most of them and LOVE them. Off to check out the others now. And I do think your quiet the photographer yourself!

  7. Awww Tahnee! I am super chuffed right now. Seriously! Thank you xx

  8. Ahh sweet you are...I'd love to hang out with you and yours and my click one day...what do you think?

    Its funny, you know...i find it difficult to call myself a photographer, strange I know. I love how you describe my work as uncluttered - because I guess when I try to put into words what I see, I mean to say that real life is so beautiful, there is really no need to turn it into to something it's not in attempt to make it more beautiful - mmm....does that make sense?

    Anyway...I talk too much... thats why I take pictures, it never really comes out the right way.

    Big Love to you.

    xx Tam

    ps. I'm serious by the way...about hooking up. xx

  9. wow..... i think i am speechless.
    thank you for including me in a list with such amazing talent. very honored.

    beautiful space you have here as well!!

  10. I'm so late on this one Tahnee (sorry I haven't stopped by in so long!). Thank you so very much for featuring me - I am just so chuffed - I can't believe it!! Thank you lovely xx


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