Wednesday, 30 May 2012

the ballerina

Dress up day at kindy today. Thankyou Lord, she has graduated from freakin fairy to ballerina. Baby steps. When I asked her what she would like to wear for her costume, she requested a green, blue and purple tutu please. I found the tights and couldn't resist. No, she did not need leg warmers thankyou very much. We ditched the leotard this morning after I realised she would be freezing her teeny tiny bot off every time she went to the loo at kindy, having to strip everything off to get that bot free for a wee. She didn't seem to mind.

I adore her. I adore her excitement. Her raw and innocent excitement at the tiniest things. The details. She sees everything. And misses nothing. That's my virgo girl.


  1. hello beautiful ballerina! x

  2. I love every single piece of this post, especially those tights! Look how proud she is, and rightfully so. You must have had a tear. She's is such a beautiful girl. xx

  3. She is such a sweet looking ballerina Tahnee and an oh so proud one too, such a big gorgeous smile:) x

  4. Oh beautiful girl! We have a little ballerina in this house too!

  5. Love the tights!! And my goodness I could feel her excitement in those images, and your words! Beautiful xx


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