Monday, 30 April 2012

weekend love {the wedding edition}

So my little sis is now a mrs, livin' in up in some swanky private villa sipping champers and thai cocktails, simultaneously I'm sure. As you do on your honeymoon.

Melbourne turned on some spectacular weather for the big event, all went to plan, love was declared, rings were exchanged, photos were taken, a party was had.

While the newlyweds bask in the glory of wedded bliss, the rest of us return to the not at all swanky private villa of Chateau P sipping, um, peppermint tea and three coffees a day, just trying to catch up. On sleep. On washing. On jobs. All the things that got pushed to the side during the final week of wedding fever.

I know you expected photo overload here, but my mothers' {mother's? single or plural? I'm never sure} day present is arriving in a few days and I want to wait to edit properly. I had a trial last month and can't go back. Sorry iPhoto. It's been great. But it's time to move on.

While I try to catch my breath and prepare for a little boy's third birthday next week, I suspect things will be somewhat quiet in this little space for the remainder of the week. My head is flooded with all sorts and my body is screaming for some rest. Of course hubby is manic with work this week. Isn't it always the way? We push on.

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Fabrootzy! Have a cocktail for me x

{Joining in for Point + Shoot with lovely Lou}


  1. can't believe you can bridesmaid it up AS WELL AS take so many gorgeous photos!! you are amazing, lady!!
    lightroom 4 is awesome. there are some awesome presets that you can buy as well - of course, they are never free!!
    the photographers photos are gorgeous - looks like it was a wonderful day. can't wait for part 2 of the wedding edition.

  2. I have been hanging out for this post all day! The photos look gorgeous, you all look stunning!
    You will love lightroom, so good {although i am still learning how to use it myself!}
    Try and get some rest this week, sounds like you all need it! xxj

  3. Tahnee your photographs are stunning. What a beautiful day. x

  4. Oh WOW! What a beautiful bride. I love wedding photos! These are just stunning shots, look forward to seeing more. Enjoy the third birthday celebrations xo

  5. Stunning photos! I so love weddings! Adore your sis' dress too xx


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