Monday, 26 March 2012

weekend love

:: still admiring my new glassware {if you're following me on instagram you will know what I mean}
:: drawing, always drawing, anywhere, anytime
:: birthday cake preparations for hubby
:: late night, last minute sewing
:: happy birthday dad!
:: three year old birthday party with the best mushroom cake I have ever seen!
:: meeting Mr Austin (receiver of the late night, last minute sewing)
:: reuniting with a very grown up Miss Grace {who was just a bub last time we saw her}
:: having such a lovely time reuniting with old friends that we arrived at the party at 11am and left at 5.30pm.. many a laugh, cuppa and beer later.. welcome home dear friends!
:: straight out to birthday dinner, dad's choice, made even better by the best behaved children high on sugar and cake and adrenalin at so many wonderful things in one day
:: bubbles and bike riding
:: washing up
:: playing fairies
:: late lunches
:: happy playing
:: vegemite toast birthday cake for dad {the following day as we were all caked out after eating it all day at Grace's party}, all credit to Ruby, this was her idea 'because dad loves vegemite toast!'
:: hip hip hooray!

I am so relieved we are heading into the last week of term. We all need a break. The only commitment that will continue through the holidays will be swimming, which is okay with me. I am editing shoot photos like a crazy woman, trying to get them out and into some eagerly waiting hands, and then need to turn my sights to Easter prep. My parents will be here with us on Easter Sunday and Monday as they come back from South Australia for a wedding. Hip hip hooray again!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend too x

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  1. I love the glassware too. I have them and am totally in love. Also, great vegemite toast cake.
    Visiting from Lou's P + S.

  2. Ok so my train of thought while scrolling through your photos went something like this: 'Ohhhhh! Cute! Yum! Cute! Wow! Ohhhhh! Damn she sews as well?! Yum! Cute! Wow. Helllloooo vegemite cake!'

    It made more sense in my head, promise x

  3. Your photos are just lovely Tahnee. And the vegemite on toast cake is a fantastic idea. Glad you had such a lovely weekend. x

  4. Looks like a fantastic weekend - I would be licking that spatular as well mmmmmm yum!

  5. What a busy weekend!! Great photos. Fabulous cakes & I love that blanket!!

  6. Weekend Love is right!
    Love the cakes, love the blanket (so jel you have a sewing machine!), Love the happy birthday cuddles, Love the curls emerging on the back of Eliots head, Love Cole as Barnaby (he he), Love the black teeth! Have you used black gel before? Don't be surprised in a day or two :|
    Now, what is this glassware all about? You know I'm going to be investigating this tomorrow.
    Snap with the magnetic dress up girl too!
    I'm glad it's the end of term too. It was so hard getting up this morning and getting to kinder

  7. That is a fantastic mushroom cake!! And the vegemite toast cake is a classic! I may steal that idea very soon :) Glad I found your blog. Hope you get some downtime soon :) Elisa xx

  8. That photo of your son eating the cake mixture right off the mixer made me smile so much! And that mushroom cake is just genius - where on Earth did that come from? What a brilliant weekend you have all had. x

  9. What love in your weekend and photos.

  10. Oh, your photos are absolutely stunning. What a beautiful weekend, full of so much love and colour xo

  11. I LOVE that Vegemite cake idea, how creative is that! Abd that mushroom cake, oh it makes my ovaries hurt :) You have the most beautful family Tahnee. Thanks for linking up. xx

  12. Looks like a fab weekend! LOVE the vegemite cake! Clever mama! xx

  13. The vegemite toast cake absolutely cracked me up. So clever!

    I love that mushroom cake too... and all your wonderful photos. It's posts like this one that make me wish I knew what I was doing with a camera!!! x

  14. So much fun, love, and great cake all in one post!!

  15. Hello Tahnee, I just found your lovely blog through Jen's Little Birdie. Your pictures show the love and fun you have in your family, with your children, it's such an enchantment to look at!
    And these portaits of your daughter, I can feel your love for her, which seems to be just as big as the love I have for my girl...

    Have a beautiful evening!

    Anabelle ♥♥♥

  16. love these pics, as always. i think ruby might be a tad like you when she's older...just a tad creative!! the Vegemite cake is a cracker of an idea! and that littlest one...gah! a.d.o.r.a.b.l.e!! xxx

  17. Beautiful photos! Love both of those cakes mmmm yum. School holidays are the best. Enjoy!!

  18. Love your photos. That is all :)


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