Monday, 5 March 2012

weekend love {a special edition}

{a handful of these images taken from mum's camera}

The HEN edition.

My baby sister will become a mrs in eight weeks. On Saturday afternoon, we threw her a kitchen tea with a twist. As matrons of honour, her instruction to middle sister and I, was something classy, fun, easy on the alcohol, no stripper (did she really think we were that classless?), just the afternoon/heading into early evening. I think it's fair to say, we delivered.

To start, Yarra cruise with champers, delectable nibbles and homemade cupcakes complete with Chanel signage (both their initials are C), followed by fancy pants high tea at the NGV, followed by some high hilarity bowling and drinks at Kingpin. There was some lovely puddle jumping and downright drenching going on in between events, walking to and fro, but after talking to the bride-to-be yesterday, she says she doesn't remember the rain. On Tuesday the forecast was 26 and sunny skies. Perfect for sailing the Yarra. Weatherman had changed his tune by Thursday. It turned out to be 21 and bucketing rain. All. Freakin. Day. It stopped raining when we left our final event to head back to the car. Of course it did.

So even though it was called a kitchen tea, it may have well been called a hen's day with the state the Gorman clad beauty ended up in. Good times.

Making our way from the NGV along Southbank, back to Crown, we passed these guys. They were AMAZING. And ridiculously appropriate.

{Joining in with the gorgeous Lou for Point + Shoot}


  1. glad she had a fantastic day {i laughed when you said she couldn't remember the rain} the people and the fun were way more important than the weather!
    the band was awesome! attire very fitting for the rain. excellent sounds!
    great shots x

  2. Super talented Tahnee! It looks like you had a fun night.
    At first I thought the pic of the champers in the knees was a cleavage! I know, as classless as strippers!!

    1. haha could also be mistaken for a bum.. maybe I should have left that one out! ;)

  3. That is so funny that she can't remember the rain - it didn't stop from my recollection (granted though, I was inside at work most of the day!).

    Looks like a fun time was had by all - glad the Hen enjoyed herself!

  4. Looks like an amazing day/night! and seriously could you girls get anymore gorgeous?? xx

  5. wonderful photographs, looks like a perfect [apart from the rain] day, roll on the wedding...

  6. Oh gosh, where do I begin! What a fun day! I love these photos - I can't even choose a favourite. I was doing a wedding that day and it stopped raining just as I walked to my car to leave at midnight - so typical!

    That video made me smile - they were great!


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