Monday, 12 March 2012

{long} weekend love

Everyone loves a long weekend. Me included. Hubby home for an extra day. An extra day to unwind. We've done a whole lot of sweet FA. Every time I thought of a job I should probably be doing, I picked up my mag and made another coffee. Or sat outside and watched the kids ride their bikes. Or blew bubbles with them. Watched my little artists at the easel. Missy stayed out there for over an hour. Quiet for over an hour. Wonders will never cease. We were so relaxed, we even let Ruby and Cole stay up Saturday night to watch The Lion King. Ten minutes in and Ruby asked if we could buy a copy. The only productive part of our weekend was Saturday morning spent with my sister, shopping for Cole's outfit for the wedding. He's going to be the cutest pageboy to ever walk down an aisle. I wish I could show you all the photos I took of him in his new threads. I could just eat him up.

I hope your weekend was a relaxing one too.

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  1. How great was it to have a long weekend!!! I just wish it could be the same every weekend ! Looks like you had a fun filled one. xx

  2. Think we had very similar weekends, love relaxing with my little family too! Gorgeous photos, as always! Your kiddies are divine! xx

  3. Aren't long weekends the best. It definitely looks like you all had a great weekend. Can you share the recipe for the dumplings?? They look delish.

  4. I just adore your photos Tahnee, I always feel so happy when I visit your blog and they just reflect what a gorgeous loving home you have. xx

  5. Looks like the perfect weekend Tahnee. I was ahhhing a lot at your photos.
    Oh, and yes, totally parallel lives. I can add - The Ruby's, red Kitchenaids, being away from our families. I'm sure the list can go on :)

  6. Now that looks like my kind of weekend - and seriously - how cute are your kids!

  7. long weekends are the best. the girls had tuesday off school - student free day - so we had an extra long one here. love these pics. xx

  8. i love your weekend photos. they tell a fabulous story!

    i think i might need to know your top three spots for kids clothes shopping. loving your stripey kids style....

    recipe for the deliciousness at the end?

    thank you thank you thank you x


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