Wednesday, 8 February 2012

{snap it} :: home

{early morning puzzles = home}

We are home bodies. Some people need to have activities planned, to have regular dates outside of the house. We are not those people. We are happy at home, comfortable in our surroundings, leaving the kids to be kids, enjoying their drawing or craft or puzzles or books or bikes or tennis or music or dress ups or cooking or colouring. Allowing the {majority of} the day to run by the rumble of little tummies, rather than the clock. Mr E is at an age where he is understanding so much now, which means we are seeing three siblings {instead of two and a happy solo baby} playing and enjoying each other's company, for the first time. Three really is lovely.

Weekly Wednesday link up with the lovely Sarah.


  1. this is a beautiful photo & homebodies we are. happiest there too letting the kids take each hour as it comes. a lovely blog you have here. nice to meet you. xo

  2. What a gorgeous photo. Look at how engaged they are. It must be nice to sit back and take in how they are all relating as a trio now. I look forward to that.
    We are the same, quite content in our own surroundings. There really is no place like home.

  3. I enjoy being home too.. :D

    Lovely shot!

  4. I'm with you on this. I only have my son at home two days a week (he's at daycare the rest of the time) and I love just hanging out at home, letting him faff around in the mornings without any schedule. It's nice and relaxing for everyone. That's not to say some days we don't all go a little stir crazy, but most of the time it's good!
    Lovely blog too - I came here via Lemon Rhodes.

  5. SUCH a beautiful photo, must make your heart melt to see your little ones playing together like that, lovely :o)
    Wonderful to find you over at Faith, hope & a whole lotta love, Tahnee. Look forward to reading along with your journey from now on.

  6. We are exactly the same - total homebodies. You photo is gorgeous, made my heart melt seeing them playing all together. Love your header too. (Visiting from snap it).

  7. Love this photo... babies playing all together.

    I love all day at home. I am a homebody too... although I wish sometimes I could be more outgoing.

  8. The colours you've brought out in this shot look so moody and cosy, Tahnee. I think it's absolutely lovely. A true 'day in the life' capture. x

  9. This is just gorgeous! I love how warm & loving it is. Thank you for playing along xx

  10. HI Tahnee, lovely to meet you. I'm totally with you on being homebodies. My favourite thing to do is pottering around the house and garden. My 4-year-old is of the same mind. Alas, my 13-month-old is a bit of a pain, and hasn't quite mastered the art of pottering! But anyway, like you say, it's nice to just let them be, and to join in when they invite you. And secretly I'm jealous of the three siblings. I always wanted three, but I think a third may kill us! I was one of three and just loved it.


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