Thursday, 2 February 2012


My big boy and I, we need haircuts. Badly. Of course no matter his length, he still looks cute. Sadly that doesn't work when you're 31. I am so over the ponytail. And, ahem, non-brown strands. This is the longest by hair has been in a very long time. Five years. I can't stand hair in my face. Too many years dancing with hair scraped into a bun. I prefer it short. And out of my way. And that's the way it will be when I return from my hairdresser's on Saturday afternoon. Not Michelle Williams short (which it once was ~ I have chickened out) but short-er. Anything will be a positive.

After all, I have to look my best for my little guy's birthday bash. And Tim's lens.

A certain amount of vanity is absolutely essential. You know it.


  1. Your big boy's hair is gorgeous. My little boy has very similar hair,perhaps a bit more curl and it looks lovely longer. My big boy can't carry it off - his hair is as fine as mine but dead straight.

    I desperately need a cut as well - but when to fit it into my day??

  2. your looking all browned up! i am so sick of my hair too, but don't think i'm very brave when it comes to getting the chop.. regular hair sessions are a must for me...i have way too many non-brown hairs to let it grow out too much. mr c. on the other hand could get away with hair down to his bottom with all that cuteness going on! x

  3. I love haircuts. They always make me feel so good and awake after that.
    I completely remember your short hair - it was GORGEOUS (like Rachel's), I love all those pixie cuts just because it gives you a completely different look and personality! They are so much harder to maintain though. Can't WAIT to see you in front of Tim's lens!! xxxx


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