Sunday, 19 February 2012

52 weeks of grateful :: slow clocks + lessons learned

I must confess when we started 52 weeks of grateful last month, I must have skipped over the part about there being a weekly topic. Ahem. A few weeks in and I wondered why other grateful bloggers were talking about this week's topic? So I went back and read Maxabella's original post and then it all made sense. Because Bron is so wonderful, she won't box you in and allows you to find gratefulness in things outside the weekly topic. And I must say, for me, I prefer it that way. I like to look at the week that was and see what jumps out of the shadows and screams 'be grateful for me this week!'. It usually sorts itself out.

This week it was the little things. We had a little kind of week. And it was bliss. Last week was a big one, for a few reasons. Some truly wonderful reasons, and some not so wonderful. And by the end of it, I was thoroughly exhausted. Slow was our mantra for the week. Slow clocks. And slow it was. Aside from kindy, dancing and swimming commitments, it was all playtime, PJs, Peppa Pig and Play School, leaving the dishes in the sink, putting my feet up in front of the idiot box most nights, and of course a little happy birthday. Holy shit it was good.

I find it hard to stop. Like most mamas I suppose. There is always something to do, always someone who needs your help, always something to plan for or try to be one step ahead of. And it's really easy to lose yourself in it all, especially after back to back weeks of crazy. You go into autopilot. I won't bore you {more} with all the ins and outs, but this week I forced myself to stop. Events of last week forced me to stop. The want and need to be all roaring lioness mama to protect my precious cubs, forced me to stop. And in the stopping, the fog seemed to clear, and I was able to focus (which, to tell you the truth, I have really sucked at so far this year). Focus on the right things.

I am all for learning lessons when things turn to shit. Even on a fabulous day, I will always learn something. I have three tiny teachers after all, the very best kind. But I truly believe the really shit parts of life happen in order to teach us something. Sometimes, life has been trying to show us something for quite some time, but perhaps a little too modestly. Not enough pretty, sparkly lights and fireworks to make you stop and watch. So, finally, it puts on a hell of a show so you sit up and notice. And then it all makes sense.

And then it's up to you, whether you take the lesson and use it; or give life the bird and carry on, all ostrich-esque. Head in the sand.

I'm taking the lesson. And the slow clocks. And I'm using them.

Joining all the gratefulness with Maxabella over at Kidspot.


  1. Gorgeous pics and grateful.
    I can relate. Tonight I had been a roaring lioness mama over my precious cubs and I feel so bad about it...
    I need some slow clocks too after 2 busy weeks.
    Thank goodness the tiny teachers are so forgiving

  2. Oh so true. I need some slow clocks around here as I too easily get caught up with all the wrong things and need a reminder that the right things, all three of them are right in front of me. Love your photos Hun xx

  3. Hey you, love your photos. Especially love the painting on the hands photo. :D

    We are in a bit of a go-slow at the moment and it's so healing. xx

  4. It's like wagging life and I love it!

    You absolutely should be grateful for whatever th heck you want. I'm not even feeling tied in to the weekly topic myself. I'll do it if it feels right, but otherwise I won't! Of course, the topics are there as a prompt for those that might struggle a bit each week. I don't think that's you!

    Love your photos. I would love to play at your place! x


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