Thursday, 23 February 2012


One hundred. One hundred posts. That was fast. Yay me.

When I set out on this little blogging adventure, I had hoped it would bring a little {extra} joy to my days, just for me. Something that would give me a little lift on the days I needed one. Even on the days I didn't need one. I had hoped to find joy in committing myself to something I thought I might be good at. Joy in using my love of photography for something other than just adding more events to my library. A lovely way to appreciate the magical, mediocre and mundane, that is motherhood. A visual reminder of the best and most important job I have ever had. Maybe meet a few new friends along the way.

Joy has been achieved on every level. This little road I have tread so far, has been oh so enjoyable. New inspiration achieved. New friends made. New joy.

I feel like I am writing from an honest place. I don't set out to do things in our days because I think it will make a great post. I just like our days to unfold, however they are supposed to. Then take something from it and tell you about it. And overload you with a visual. So when I thought I should do something interesting for this semi-special {to me} post, I got a little stuck. Until my brain kicked back into gear to remind me just do what you do. Live my days with little ones {and hubby} and then share it. Our day was ordinary. Lovely ordinary. Home in the morning, riding bikes, baking biscuits, watching Play School. Kindy in the afternoon, a doctor's appointment for Middle, quick and easy dinner allowing for late kindy finish on Thursdays. Three tuckered out smalls falling into dreamland. And then here I am. At the keys. Signing off for my first century. I feel like there's plenty more to come.

Thankyou, friends, for joining me in the ordinary and exceptional. I'm having a ball. x


  1. Happy one hundred!!

    I love your blog, love the visual and love the lovely ordinary days!

    xx j

  2. wow! 100!! well done you. and what a wonderful 100th post. these are the ones i love the most {i'm a poet and didn't know it}. i love seeing your beautiful family just living life. it's wonderful to be able to feel a part of it just a little bit x

  3. Congratulations!! The joy you hoped for is certainly depicted in your pics and words. Looks like the most perfect of ordinary days. Love the little foot out the cot.

  4. Congrats on 100 posts! Your blog is lovely!

  5. Happy 100 to you lady! It's a lovely blog. Kellie xx

  6. Happy 100th. What a way to celebrate, lovely set of photos!

  7. Congratulations on 100 posts! So glad I came across your blog and your lovely family. Keep it up x

  8. thank you all, lovely ladies xx


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