Tuesday, 31 January 2012

{photo a day challenge ~ january 2012}

{day 31 :: you, again}

If I was getting graded on this challenge, I think I would have just scraped through with a pass. Just. 17/31. Once I went into unwind mode (on holiday), I just couldn't keep up. And didn't care. So there. No re-cap, no catch up. We arrived home this afternoon, just in time to wrap up #janphotoaday and head into #febphotoaday. This one I will complete. This household is staying put for a while. We've got a big month ahead. The inevitable end of holiday funk {read: crazy children stuck inside for the past week because of torrential Queensland rain, little routine and not enough sleep} means we're all feeling a little like this..

I am looking forward to another photo challenge. Make sure you head over to Fat Mum Slim to check it out. If you want to stalk me on Instagram, I'm milkpleasemum there too. Crazy I know.

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