Tuesday, 24 January 2012


Today I went to the movies. I love going to the movies. When hubby and I first started dating, it was our thing. We would go almost weekly and alternate between whose choice it was. I usually preferred the commercial flicks; I like to check my brain in at the door, have a good laugh or cry, and collect it when I leave. He always went for the art house, independent, low budget, sub-titled, hunt-down-a-boutique-cinema-that-actually-showed-it kind of flicks. Sometimes they were woful. Wo-ful. Sometimes they were surprisingly brilliant. He opened my eyes to appreciate a different kind of film. And as much as he didn't want to admit it, he liked some of the commercial stuff too.

Sadly, this is a thing of the past. I honestly don't remember the last movie we saw together. Something equally as sad ~ the last movie I did see at the cinema, was with my sister when I was pregnant with COLE. He's two and a half. It was Bride Wars. Remember I said check your brain in at the door, laugh, cry.

Today's outing to the cinema, was not with my hubby. But it was with the same sister. And my sweet girl. A first. Her first outing to the cinema! Some may ask why I waited so long to take her to the movies for the first time (she turned four in September). The only movie she has ever sat through from start to finish is Charlie & the Chocolate Factory. I thought she was ready to go probably about twelve months ago. Right when her baby brother arrived. Life got busy. I don't have any help in our day to day (aside from hubby). It's me and the kidlets from the time hubby leaves for work in the morning, till the time he returns in the evening. No grandparents round the corner to drop off for an hour or two and run errands. No childcare. Eliot had little routine to his feeding, he's always been a hungry boy. So ducking out for a few hours to catch a movie with my girl was just impossible. Until now.

And so it would seem I was right to wait this long to take her. Around the one hour mark she whispered to me in the darkness, 'is it time to go home yet?'. Bless. We saw The Muppets. I loved it. Like laugh out loud loved it. It had some great adult humour. And I fell in love with Kermit all over again. The movie aside, it was great fun. To leave the boys behind, run to the cinema in the pouring rain, line up for tickets, enjoy a pre-flick coffee and baby chino, buy the overpriced medium popcorn (which is small - how can they call it medium without small size on offer?), marvel at my girl's enthusiasm at the size of the screen, take her to the loo half an hour in, and a little post movie shopping (new clothes for kindy and two pairs of the sweetest little shoes).

Now that Eliot can survive without me for longer periods, I would like to make these mama~daughter outings more regular. There was a great animation in the ridiculously long previews.

What age were your littlies when you started taking them to the cinema?


  1. How lovely having some time just with your daughter. She must have loved having you all to herself.
    My oldest was 4 in October. We are yet to take her to the movies. I know it wouldn't be a peaceful outing, there would be questions the whole way through! I must do it soon though!

  2. My little one has gone a few times this year (he is three). I have yet to be able to go with him. My husband and my sister have been great to take him. I can't wait until we get our chance.

  3. i love the one of ruby chowing down on the popcorn before you even make it into the cinema! we're going to the movies tomorrow...the girls are trying to make the most of the rest of the holidays. so glad you are able to have some lovely moments while you are up there x


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