Saturday, 19 November 2011


I love Gavin & Stacey. I came upon it by chance two years ago, up late on Christmas Eve wrapping presents (how I adore doing that), when the Christmas Special was on. Then they started showing (or perhaps repeating) the three part series on the ABC and I was hooked. It is absolute comedy genius, tears rolling down your face kind of laughter. Pure gold. Nessa, hands down favourite for me. She is after all (well Ruth Jones, actually), half the creative genius behind the shenanigans played out between Billericay and Barry. I think Bryn comes in a tight second. My set on DVD have been getting a good workout the last few weeks with evening viewing on the idiot box completely crap, aside from a decent show here and there. It doesn't matter how many times I see an episode - I know all the dialogue - it still cracks me up.

I was visiting this lovely space this morning and had to laugh when Tessa described her lunch with a girlfriend as lush. Stacey, eat your heart out. I have decided there needs to be more lushness in the world. Henceforth, I declare I will be throwing the marvellous descriptive brilliance of this little word around, willy nilly, if you will. You have been warned. Of course, I must spread the lush-ness..


  1. Lush!! I love it!!! Hubby and I are BIG fans of this show :) So much so we have the complete series on dvd. Think we'll be breaking it out again soon during middle of the night feeding sessions, just to keep our happy on!

    New to your blog ... just catching up :)

  2. I just can't get enough! bloody brilliant. I have been watching the third series over and over lately. I love the extras with the interviews with Ruth Jones and James Corden. Such beautiful people, and wonderful actors. sure to keep you awake during night feeds! thanks for stopping by x

  3. I cried a little on the last ep. I couldn't believe they only made 3 series. Lush post.

  4. Oh! What's Occurin'? Loved Gavin and Stacey.

  5. After seeing Gavin and Stacey I always meant to adopt 'lush' into my vocab. Ness was a wonderful character. Katie, I also love that expression! Love all the accents.


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