Tuesday, 22 November 2011

hug a tree

Look what hubby pulled out of the mailbox this evening..

Christmas sale brochures. 25 of them. I counted. And then threw out placed 80% of them in the recycle bin. If you look closely, I'm circling the little bikes for the Middle. Seeing as he can ride his sister's 16 inch hot pink wheels, we need to pimp his ride. Well, Santa does. Currently he commutes on the Fast Lane.

This used to be Ruby's, which I picked up on eBay for $14 in mint condition. This beauty will see Eliot through to his first big boy bike too. How I love eBay.

I'm no greenie, just your average recycler, doing our little bit for this big, beautiful earth. Go hug a tree. I feel sorry for them this time of year.

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