Sunday, 30 October 2011

good evening

A good evening to start blogging..?  Absolutely.  Wow, I have been thinking about this for far too long and decided to just stop thinking.

I must say I lived under a rock for quite a while and had no clue what the hell a blog was.. until a dear friend of mine introduced me to the Queen about four years ago, shortly after the birth of my daughter.  My eyes were opened to this whole cyber world I had no idea about.  I was sucked in and the rest is history.

I've found a lot of inspiration since then through a long list of lovely blogs, from sewing to craft to baking to home to kids, and everything in between.  I always wondered how these busy mums managed to maintain these blogs, and sometimes small businesses, while still keeping their kids alive.. I'm about to find out!  Ha.

No doubt I will only be entertaining my mum and sisters.  And they are pretty easy to please.  Especially seeing as this blog will probably be filled with endless photos of my three incredibly, genetically blessed, children.  I can hear them laughing now.  See.

So here we go..

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  1. You're a card, i can tell...i'm on for the ride pet.
    I'm Liv, found you whilst stalking Mrs Beetle. xx


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